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Twitter recalls when Sex and The City compared dating to The Troubles in Northern Ireland

It's an unlikely and rather bizarre comparison but in 1998 Sex and The City did indeed compare dating to Northern Ireland's bloody and violent conflict.

Last night Twitter went on a trip down memory lane as it remembered when Sex and the City incredibly compared a character's dating life to that of The Troubles.

The hit HBO programme followed the life of four friends in New York.

At the end of an episode entitled Bay of Married Pigs in Season One, one of the main characters, Carrie Bradshaw played by Sarah Jessica Parker is lamenting about love.

Her voice over narration says: "As I sifted through the rubble of my marriage skirmish, I had a thought. Maybe the fight between marrieds and singles is like the war in Northern Ireland.

"We're all basically the same, but somehow we wound up on different sides. Sure, it'd be great to have that one special person to walk home with, but sometimes there's nothing better than meeting your single girlfriends for a night at the movies."

Twitter user Emily Reynolds was retweeted hundreds of times as she took to the social media site with her observation.

She said: "Just had to rewind this episode of SATC to check whether Carrie said this and yep, turns out she did compare dating to the Troubles."

And naturally, fellow users were quick to react.

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