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Ty Burrell: My Olympic road trip

Modern Family star Ty Burrell fought to watch men's handball when his dad drove his family to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics without enough tickets for everyone.

The 48-year-old actor is best known for playing Phil Dunphy in the award-winning sitcom, which follows a big family and all their humorous encounters. In real life Ty has plenty of funny stories to share, one of which began with a road trip from Oregon to the City of Angels for the famous sporting event.

"That particular trip there's six of us, it's three kids crammed into the back and my brother in the angle of the window," Ty recalled to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. "My dad was an amazing guy and just a very enthusiastic guy; he was just so excited to go to those Olympics that he had bought the cassette of the music for the 1984 Olympics. He played it on a loop for 12 hours, I swear to God.

"We get there in the morning (after driving all night) and everybody's just beaten down and we find out that - once again, don't have a lot of money - he had, for the two weeks of the Olympics, he had gotten four tickets to men's handball. We're a six-person family. So we literally, like a savage lawless society, drew straws to who was gonna go to men's handball. I was one of the lucky people who went to men's handball."

Ty sat on Jimmy's sofa dressed in a pale pink suit, which he wore for a comedy segment of the show. The host joked it looked like an outfit the star would wear in the afterlife before being reincarnated as a baby girl, and that it wouldn't go down well in Utah, where he currently resides. But Ty had other ideas, insisting people would approve, as it's the hometown of sibling group The Osmonds, known for their retro tuxedos.

"A baby girl who looks like me?" Ty grinned. "Or I'm thinking a baby Vegas singer. I think this would be an Osmond (in Utah)."

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