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Ty Burrell pooped his pants after first meeting with agent

The Modern Family star had to clean himself up in a fast food joint following the messy incident.

Actor Ty Burrell soiled himself in Times Square, New York following his first-ever meeting with a talent agent.

Before shooting to fame on popular U.S. comedy Modern Family, the 49-year-old was a struggling performer from Oregon who moved to New York City after graduating with a Master's degree from Penn State University in the 1990s.

And when he caught his first break in the industry by landing a face-to-face chat with an agent, the funnyman's bowel decided to give him a rude awakening.

"On that spectacular fall morning, I walked into the agency's office, just off Times Square, with a bounce in my step reserved for people pretending to be relaxed...," Burrell shared in a column penned for The New York Times newspaper, titled The First Time. "It was a legitimate agency, and I was intimidated."

A few minutes after the end of his awkward interview, in which the agent suggested he shave his arms to land theatre roles, Ty walked outside and pooped his pants.

"I shook his hand, walked out into Times Square and soiled myself," he recalled. "I stood there for a surprisingly long time before I realized what had happened. My ears were ringing from the shock of the meeting. Yet I didn't move. I watched all the people of the world cross back and forth in front of me."

When Burrell snapped back to reality, he noticed a McDonald's and rushed to the fast food restaurant to clean himself up.

"I spotted the golden arches across Times Square the way I imagine immigrants spotted the Statue of Liberty (when they used to arrive by boat)," he wrote. "There I threw my underwear in the garbage. I now had no underwear and, bizarrely, none of the anxiety I had felt mere moments before.

"It was as if I had taken the worst of the business, swallowed it, digested it, discharged it and thrown it away. I walked out of the bathroom, past the huddled masses at the tables, into Times Square and the new world."

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