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Tyler, J-Lo 'must perform' on Idol

Steven Tyler has told American Idol bosses he wants Aerosmith to perform this season.

"I said to them in the beginning," the singer-turned-TV-judge explained. "I told Nigel [Lythgoe] 'Aerosmith needs to play this show and Jennifer does as well'.

"Three months ago I told him that and how could they not pick up on it?"

The 62-year-old rock superstar seemed pleased to talk about joining the hit programme before a special Q&A with fans at PaleyFest in Beverly Hills.

"I've been judged my whole life, [with] Aerosmith [it] went from Mick Jagger's brother to Janis Joplin's cousin and it's always been just about Aerosmith and I love that," he said.

With Jennifer Lopez absent from the special event, Steven and Randy Jackson had a little dig at their fellow judge.

"I miss her energy, where is she? She's sick, she has the flu," Randy said.

Laughing, Steven chipped in: "Yeah, she flu to New York!"


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