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Tyrese Gibson relied on basic decency to keep wedding secret

The singer surrounds himself with "respectful" friends and family members.

Tyrese Gibson has opened up about his top secret Valentine's Day wedding, revealing he took no special measures to keep his big day quiet.

The singer and actor announced he'd wed social worker Samantha Lee on his social media accounts two weeks after the nuptials took place, and he's glad his nearest and dearest agreed not to reveal all to the media.

"You just hope that you got at least some respectful and decent people left in this world, where you can ask them to not say anything, not tweet or Instagram anything, and turn their phones off," Tyrese tells ET Online. "She (my wife Samantha) happened to have, and I happen to have some people in my life (sic) that were able to respect the request. That’s all it took, really."

The privacy-loving star adds, "At the end of the day, you just gotta be careful about thrusting too much of your personal life into the limelight, you know? There's actually nothing wrong with having something special and trying your best to be low-key about it."

Tyrese, 38, is so committed to his private life, he has built a full-service restaurant in his Los Angeles home as a haven for fellow celebrities who want to dine out without being bombarded by the paparazzi.

"With this level of people, they can't necessarily go to public restaurants in L.A.," he recently told People, name-checking the likes of Will Smith, his Fast & Furious franchise co-star Vin Diesel, and directors Michael Bay and David O. Russell as regulars at the fully-functioning Japanese hibachi-style eatery in his backyard.

"You can't eat a piece of salmon with mashed potatoes in a restaurant without feeling like somebody's filming," he continued. "So that became the motivation to create this world in my backyard where people could finally feel like they could be around girls and vibe and music and energy."

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