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Tyrone artist's tribute to 24's Jack Bauer

By Staff Reporter

It's Kiefer Sutherland as you've never seen him before - made out of hundreds of postcards.

A Tyrone artist is the man behind this giant mosaic of the Hollywood actor as his legendary 24 character Jack Bauer.

Quentin Devine (36) made the 24-metre square canvas out of 1,485 postcards of London before it went on display at the capital's Borough Market at the weekend.

The Northern Ireland native pulled the impressive artwork together in just 24 hours, using 24 different kinds of postcard.

The Plumbridge man, who now lives in Surrey with his wife, explained: "Creating a giant Jack Bauer portrait on a 24-metre squared canvas, in 24 hours, using just 24 different types of London post cards, sounds like a challenge fit for the man himself.

"Just like Jack, I had to meticulously plan my strategy, sticking one postcard down to the giant 24 metre square canvas every minute, before time ran out.

"I certainly felt the pressure as the clock was ticking, but luckily for me the fate of the world wasn't resting in my hands."

Quentin was commissioned by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to create the canvas to mark the DVD release of 24: Live Another Day. Part of the acclaimed US drama was filmed at Borough Market.

Quentin is well-known for eye-catching and 'crazy' pieces of art, including a giant mosaic of the Mona Lisa in London.

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