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Ulster Fry hailed as ‘delicious’ by US food eating champion Randy Santel following his huge soda challenge

A professional food eating champion has hailed the Ulster Fry as “delicious” after he polished off a massive filled soda in Co Down this week.

Randy Santel and his partner Katina Dejarnett arrived in Northern Ireland earlier this week as part of their world food challenges journey and stunned social media after making light work of a huge breakfast challenge at Safari Banbridge on Monday.

Now the American pro-eater, who has over 1.6m followers on social media, has revealed his tactics for completing what is his latest of 1,095 challenges across the world.

The giant 2.2lb filled soda bread included eight pork sausages, eight back bacon rashers, eight extra-large eggs, eight potato bread slices and 1kg of onions and mushrooms.

He completed the challenge in 39 minutes and 54 seconds.

“Most of that stuff was pretty broken up so I think I used my fork a lot then the soda bread was what I was most scared of,” he told BBC NI’s Good Morning Ulster.

"Thankfully they were serving potato and leek soup that day, so after I finished most of the breakfast, I dipped all the soda bread into the soup, so that helped.


The massive filled soda at Safari Banbridge.

The massive filled soda at Safari Banbridge.

The massive filled soda at Safari Banbridge.

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"It came with eight full slices or 16 halves of the potato pancakes and they had eight eggs, but each egg had two egg whites.

"There was just so much food.

"I ended up making sandwiches with all the potato bread, the eggs and the bacon, in order to get all that down. It came with a full kilogram of mushrooms and onions.”

As if that wasn’t enough, partner Katina then stepped up to the plate to take care of dessert, completing a pancake stack challenge which consisted of 1.8kg of freshly made pancakes, five bananas, two punnets of strawberries, two punnets of blueberries, a bottle of maple syrup, one litre of whipped cream along with two pints of water.

She finished the haul of food in a record time of just over 28 minutes.

"That was overall victory number 1,095, so 37 countries and all 50 [US] states,” he added.

"I have been doing it since 2010. A lot of people get into the food challenges after doing a big diet and weight loss. I played American football in high school and college and knew I didn’t need all that weight.

"So then in 2010 I did a big diet and lost over 25lbs. My buddy and I, we got a trip to Auckland New Zealand to appear on the show Spartacus and so to celebrate another buddy invited me to do a 28 inch pizza challenge. We ended up doing that under an hour.”

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