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Ulster Museum to host centenary event for ‘forgotten’ Spanish Flu crisis

The Ulster Museum will commemorate the centenary of the ‘forgotten’ Spanish Flu pandemic with an evening of free talks by leading modern historians.

'The Spanish Flu: A Global Pandemic' will take place at the Ulster Museum on Friday, November 16.

The half-day event will explore the retelling of how the deadly strain of influenza became the greatest world disaster of the twentieth century, claiming the lives of 50 to 100 million people worldwide between 1918 and 1919.

However, despite the magnitude of the Spanish Flu crisis’ death toll, it has been considered by many academics and historians to be a largely overlooked part of history due to other significant historical milestones happening at the time, such as the end of the First World War.

The lectures will highlight why a pandemic killing more civilians than the First World War has gone unremembered and addresses how historians are beginning to rewrite a period of history that was once thought of as a ‘forgotten pandemic.’

“National Museums NI is delighted to host this conference with Living Legacies and to explore and remember this desolate period of our history," sad National Museums NI's Clare Albett.

"It is important that present and future generations remember the Spanish Flu and the devastation it caused amongst families throughout the final months of the war. As Ireland is currently in the midst of commemorating a Decade of Centenaries the global history of the Great Flu has yet to be added to this monumental era.”

The Spanish Flu: A Global Pandemic conference at the Ulster Museum is free and open to all. Booking is highly recommended. For further information and to book free tickets for the conference or talks at the Ulster Museum visit

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