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Ulster Orchestra: A delicious Viennese whirl for all

By Alf McCreary

The Ulster Orchestra gave another top performance on Friday evening.

Interspersing the Viennese, French, Italian and Latin-American music were opportunities for Ian Waite and Camilla Dallerup to show irresistibly that Viennese music is for dancing.

The hugely popular US tenor Noah Stewart is blessed with a wonderful voice, and even more with star quality, and did not disappoint with the traditional Viennese offerings from Lehar and Sigmund Romberg, as well as Puccini and Bizet.

But a strong Irish encore would not have been amiss on this offbeat but wonderful evening of music.

The performers proved that classical music is fun, and they deservedly received a standing ovation at the end.

Some misguided critics have accused the Ulster Orchestra of elitism, but this was a night of terrific popular entertainment in the best sense of that word.

Elitist? You must be kidding! The huge audience loved all of it.

Four stars

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