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Ulster rain helps Game of Thrones' Owen Teale get in character

By Julia Hunt

Game Of Thrones star Owen Teale has revealed the bleak weather in Northern Ireland, where the hit TV series is partly filmed, helps him find the darkness in his character.

The Welsh actor plays villain Ser Alliser Thorne in the HBO fantasy drama, which starts its sixth season on Sky Atlantic on Monday.

The actor revealed how shooting in Magheramorne quarry just outside Larne in the rain is far from glamorous.

"Castle Black is a permanent set filmed in this disused quarry not far from Belfast.

"And it rains and rains," he said.

"Once you're in the quarry you can't get to your comforts as an actor - to the caravans, to the food wagon; and they just keep you in there. When it rains it takes two people to put that enormous cloak on me and once it gets wet it probably weighs my own weight again, which is about 15 stone.

"So it's a bleak, horrible situation, often with me standing up to my ankles in water. But I think it helps.

"This is what Ser Alliser thinks the world is like."

The Night's Watch and The Wall, which protects the northern border of Westeros, were also built in the disused quarry, where limestone extraction ended in 1980.

A section of the side of the quarry was painted white to look like the famous ice wall.

Set designer Gemma Jackson told the Belfast Telegraph back in 2011: "We used reclaimed timber and a lot of stone and I think it worked because it was in a real quarry."

Teale said fans still warm to his alter ego.

He told the Radio Times: "People love the character. They come up to me on the Tube and ask me to abuse them: 'Could you call me a 'bah-sted', I want to record it? Say it with real contempt'."

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