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Uma enjoys working with Fonz's son

Uma Thurman has become a big fan of new filmmaker Max Winkler, son of Happy Day's star Henry.

"His voice was so clear to me and then I met him and he was even more impressive," the actress admitted at the Hollywood premiere of their new movie Ceremony, which Max not only wrote but also directed.

"You'd think it was Max's 300th film he's so confident," Uma told reporters on the red carpet.

"I had read the script and by the second page I realised it wasn't some kind of traditional, normal filmmaking, there was something that was honest about it and fresh and new."

The actress went on: "He creates very unique and diverse characters, they're fun to watch and more like our own lives where people are interesting and not similar to each other."

Speaking at the premiere, Henry Winkler told reporters he was a very proud "doting dad".

"He's one of my best buddies," Max admitted.

The 26-year-old joked how seeing the attention his dad got "did probably" put him off joining the industry for a while.

"But it's really the only thing I'm good at," he laughed. "I'd be homeless if I couldn't direct!"


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