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US is more sexist than racist, Jay-Z tells concert

By Brian Hart

Jay-Z has stopped a concert to give a special message to a young girl in the audience, telling her that she should believe she can be "be the next president" despite America being "way more sexist... than racist".

He was in Cleveland performing on his 4:44 tour when he gave the inspiring talk to the nine-year-old girl in the front row. "You can be anything that you want to be when you grow up," Beyonce's husband and father-of-three said.

"And I'll tell you something: At this very moment, America is way more sexist than they are racist. Now you, young lady, you got the potential to be the next president of the United States. You believe that. You understand?" he said to loud cheers from concertgoers.

He then asked the girl, who was seen bouncing for joy on the big screen in the arena, to countdown to his next tune.

In September, Jay-Z told BBC Radio that President Donald Trump is "a joke". He said: "This guy, I'm looking at him like, man, this is a joke, with all - I can't even say with all due respect - with all disrespect."

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