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Valentine Warner's deep freeze

TV chef Valentine Warner has revealed it was so cold cooking outside for his new show in Norway his knives would stick to his frozen fingers.

His new 10-part series, Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia, was shot in Norway at freezing temperatures as low as -45C.

Valetnine revealed: "You've got three hours of workable daylight and the rest is a write-off. You have to keep the cameras covered in heat pads so they're warm enough to use. Everything gets so cold that it snaps.

"If you went to pick up the knife, the knife would stick to your hand. You turn around to pick up the fish, and two minutes later, it's hard as rock."

The cook is planning to introduce some of his Scandinavian discoveries to his family.

"I'm looking forward to seeing my kids and sharing the recipes I've stored from my time here," he said. "There's a liquorice rhubarb cake that I'm really looking forward to trying at home. There's a lot I've seen on this trip that I'm taking away with me."

::Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia stars on the Good Food channel on Monday September 16.


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