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Van Der Beek loves action hero role

James Van Der Beek has revealed how much he is relishing being an action hero in new show CSI: Cyber.

The 37-year-old actor made his name playing a soppy, insecure dreamer in teen drama Dawson's Creek, and has gone on to appear in several sitcoms, often parodying his most famous role.

Now James is starring alongside Patricia Arquette as part of the FBI's team of Cyber Crime Investigators in the new US drama heading to Channel 5 in 2015.

James revealed: "It's really nice. I'm used to being the guy on the wrong side of the interrogation table, trying to dodge questions.

"Now I've got the badge, I'm standing up, I'm pacing around and I'm the one asking the questions. It's a lot of fun. I've played a lot of bad guys in television, so it's nice to be a good guy."

And the Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 star is relishing his action scenes.

"It's crazy," he exclaimed. "I'm kicking down doors, I'm following SWAT teams into rooms, I'm jumping over cars. I just damaged a car the other day because I was jumping over it so much, and I didn't have to pay for it. It's a blast!

"Patricia Arquette always asks me 'Are you having boy fun?' I'm like yeah!"

But the father-of-three has found a downside to learning so much about cyber crime - the reality is scary.

James said: "This is a whole new world of crime to explore and unfortunately it's a really, really rich world. Cyber crime is happening all around the world all the time, and what I've learned is absolutely terrifying. I mean really, really scary!

"What is out there, what is going on, on your own laptops even! You do definitely approach things differently after talking to the experts that I do on this show."

And the actor confessed that while he tries to make sure he is cyber safe, changing his passwords all the time has proved a problem.

James explained: "Changing your passwords is a good idea, frequently. I'm also dyslexic so I forget my passwords and I forget how I spelt them and it's really annoying but it's necessary.

"Nothing that connects to the internet is unhackable!"

CSI: Cyber will come to Channel 5 in the new year.


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