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Veep stars reveal London adventure

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has warned British audiences they should prepare to be insulted when her Veep character makes a trip to London.

The Seinfeld star plays Vice President Selina Meyer in the political comedy about life behind the scenes in Washington.

When the show, created by The Thick Of It director Armando Iannucci, returns for a third series, Selina will be making a bid for the Oval Office but will struggle with foreign diplomacy.

Speaking on the red carpet at television festival Paleyfest in Los Angeles, Julia said: "I manage to make a fool of myself and insult British politicians and British citizens so get ready for that, get ready to be insulted.

"Life on the campaign trail is a nightmare; it is one debacle after another."

Armando, who was nominated for an Oscar for his screenplay for political comedy In The Loop, said the trip to London provides multiple opportunities for Selina to put her foot in it.

"She goes to London on behalf of the President to take part in the centenary commemoration of World War One and some of her speech is rewritten by her personal trainer who is very close to her. But it's more the background diplomatic negotiations gong on while she is there that then become public and the deputy prime minster is a prominent character in that."

Tony Hale, who won an Emmy for his portrayal of the Vice President's adoring assistant Gary, added: "She goes to meet the Prime Minister and it is just a disaster, but all Gary is concerned about is her look. He is studying the English ways, the words and what they mean. Selina doesn't listen to any of it but he did a lot of research."

Season three of Veep is expected to air on Sky Atlantic later this year.


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