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Vergara's son embarrassed by fuss

Sofia Vergara has said her son is embarrassed by people's reaction to her appearance.

The Modern Family actress, 41, told chat show host Chelsea Handler that she loves it when people mistake her for someone much younger but it often leaves son Manolo, 21, red faced.

According to E! she said: "Sometimes, like in New York, they're selling stuff and the guy's like, 'Come! Get this for your girlfriend!' And I'm super [into it], and then he starts like, 'Mom! Mom!' He hates it. I love it."

She joked: "I only date guys that are at least 10 years older than him."

Machete Kills star Sofia also talked about why she hadn't set a wedding date with fiance Nick Loeb yet after being engaged for a year.

She explained: "I was thinking the other day that Americans take engagements like, 'OK, we're engaged. It means let's plan weddings.' But for a couple of Latin Americans, you get engaged, but it's like another stage in your love life. It doesn't mean, 'OK, let's immediately call the flower place.' It's like another period."


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