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Victoria Beckham launches legal action against takeaway over advert

Victoria Beckham's spokesperson has blasted the "inappropriate" and "thoughtless" advert.

Victoria Beckham is pursuing legal action against the owner of a takeaway for using a drawing of her in a controversial pizza advert.

Soni Sidhu, manager of the Sidhu Golden Fish and Chips restaurant in North Tyneside, England, had been using a drawing of the former Spice Girls singer on the back of his delivery vans to suggest his pizzas are thinner than the fashion designer.

The advert features the message "Our new Victoria Beckham Thin Crust only 2mm Thin!!" and then a picture of their pizza besides a cartoon drawing of an extremely skeletal-looking Victoria, who is only wearing underwear and a sash which reads, "Anorexic Fashion Icon".

He had been using the car window advert for three years but it drew headlines this week (begs07Aug17) when it came under fire from members of anorexia charity Seed.

It has now come to the attention of Victoria's team, who have told in a statement that they will be taking legal action.

"It is highly inappropriate to trivialise such a disorder, and defamatory to be so thoughtless with a persons reputation in this way, sadly this is now a legal matter," her spokesperson said.

According to, the manager has defended the advert following the criticism, saying, "We recognise how serious eating disorders are and would never make light the seriousness of people with eating disorders... We would like our customers and all people in general to take our advertising in context."

He also maintains that his customers know they never meant any offence and they would take it down if somebody was upset.

"It is offered as a fun way to make people smile, and to escape from the daily hustle and bustle of life. We would be genuinely horrified if anyone was genuinely offended," he said. "If, in 2017 Britain, we are asked to take down this advert it will be a sad day for freedom of expression."

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