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Video: Game of Thrones Season 4 big screen treatment at Belfast premiere suits this telly epic

By Joe Nawaz

There was a major propensity for beards on display at the premiere of Game Of Thrones at the Movie House last night.

Mainly men, it has to be said, but it was much in keeping with the sheer volumes of hair seen in the hit fantasy series shot round these parts.

Or "aar wee fantasy epic", as people probably don't call it.

The season four opener of Game Of Thrones continued, perhaps unsurprisingly, where the season three closer left off.

As the scenes unfolded, we found out that intrigue and chicanery still abounded in the land of Westeros.

Various Starks, Lannisters and one particularly fiery Targaryen were to be found manoeuvring and second guessing each other as the show heads, with all the inexorable assuredness of continental drift, to an explosive finale – perhaps several long series even from this one.

The fun for GOT-heads here was enjoying a brand new serving of the rather witty sword 'n' sauciness epic on the big screen.

The thrill for less diehard fans was watching hugely enjoyable turns from the likes of scene-hogger Peter Dinklage as the put-upon dwarf that is Tyrian Lannister.

More venerable screen stars such as Diana Rigg and the seemingly immortal Peter Vaughan (who got the best lines as the twinkly, ancient maester Aemon) helped add extra gravitas and sense of occasion to a packed screening that wasn't lacking for either in the first place.

Four stars

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