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Viewers savage Nightly Show on social media despite ratings rise

ITV's The Nightly Show is still being panned by viewers despite a rise in the ratings.

The topical entertainment programme floundered when it was launched with David Walliams as host last week, shedding more than half of its debut audience of almost three million in its second outing and being slated as "drivel" by viewers.

It appeared to rebound slightly this week when John Bishop took over as host, pulling in an average audience of 2.4 million, with a peak of 3.1 million.

However, on social media the show is still being savaged by viewers who say they are switching off.

One viewer posted on Twitter: "Oh it's 10pm let's turn over for #thenightlyshow said nobody ever #giveup #embarrassing #trashTV."

"ITV if #TheNightlyShow was good I wouldn't even have this account. You are a national bloody embarrassment and disgrace," said another.

"Ok, watched 10 minutes of #thenightlyshow, that's enough, for my own sanity, I doubt ECHR would allow this programme to be shown in prisons," tweeted another viewer.

The show is attempting to replicate the late-night programmes popular in the US.

It will run for eight weeks, hosted by a series of celebrities.

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