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Vince Vaughn is loving family life

Vince Vaughn's partying days are behind him as the new dad is fully embracing becoming a family man.

The 40-year-old member of the Hollywood frat pack - whose wife Kyla Weber gave birth to daughter Locklyn Kyla on December 18 - told ET it has given him a whole new perspective on life.

Vince said: "It gives you a different purpose."

He went on: "I'll tell you... when Kyla and I had the first paediatrician appointment, we gotta get the car seat and put it in the back of the car. Kyla buckled up and I got in the car. And I was like, 'We're a family. We're going to an appointment as a family.' It's just a great feeling."

The Wedding Crashers star is smitten with his little girl, but admits there are worries that come with parenthood.

He said: "I feel so grateful. You know, my wife's so great. But I gotta tell you. Just the minute they come out, so beautiful and just so sweet - I was just so glad that everyone was healthy."

Vince added: "My thing is getting ahead [of myself] and worrying about stuff. She's only three weeks old, right?! People are like, 'Where is she going to college?' I didn't even know she wanted to go to college!"

Vince's next big-screen appearance is in The Dilemma alongside Kevin James and Jennifer Connelly, which opens in cinemas on January 21.


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