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Vital 2014 - The Killers: Brandon Flowers powers a killer gig in vivid pink lamé

By Joe Nawaz

The crowds gathered on the ground, with the clouds shamelessly aping proceedings above. As usual with all outdoor events in Belfast, talk was almost as much about whether the heavens would open as it was about who the opening act were.

Somebody Told Me opened The Killers' set, with a hundred searchlight beams shooting out blitz-style into the dusky sky, and... it started to rain.

As Brandon Flowers introduced Spaceman, a gaggle of excited housewives did the cosmic hokey-cokey to the stuttering rhythm whilst hardened hundreds raced to the front.

The first big cheer was reserved for Flowers hollering "What's up Belfast?" as he explained it was the last gig of their tour – which also explained why they were here with no new songs to promote.

"Are we going to send it off in style?" he asked. Being old pros they dutifully trotted through a few of their surprisingly lengthy list of tracks that have been fast-tracked to classic status. And a lot of what can only be described as filler. Smile Like You Mean It was a joy live.

Human provoked a furious sprint back to the stage in the same manner; a listless album track inspired an exodus to the bar minutes before.

Brandon told the crowd that he checked out the Giant's Causeway before The Killers did their time honoured 'local cover'. Two years ago in the Odyssey it was Brown Eyed Girl; this time it was the Derry anthem Teenage Kicks. And rather good it was, too.

A dustland fairy tale and a rousing Read My Mind revealed a little Springsteen passion and revitalised a flagging front row, but it's clear that the glammest thing about this end-of-tour Killers was the lead singer's pink lamé jacket.

But there was enough camp stardust here to keep this gig rocking.

Three stars

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