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Voice contestants come in pairs

There is double trouble for the panel on the latest episode of The Voice with two sets of twins auditioning for the hit singing show.

First up are 18-year-old sisters , Tila and Tavelah from Leeds, followed by 26-year-old Kimberley and Lauren Goddard from London.

Lauren, who admits the sisters are "very different" in their daily lives, said she could not imagine singing alone.

She said: "On stage we have such a strong connection, she can look at me and I know what she's thinking and that really helps with both of us performing together."

The pair, who perform as a duo called Gemyni, try to impress the coaches with their version of Mariah Carey's Fantasy.

Also out to impress is former West End star Leanne Jones who entered the show for a second crack at fame - the 28-year-old appeared in Hairspray opposite her idol, Michael Ball, aged just 22.

The singer and actress, from Stoke-on-Trent, said the role, which saw her win a handful of theatre awards, had been "life changing".

She said: "When I left the show I was 24 and it's kind of like what do you do next? At that age you do think 'Oh my gosh, I'm unstoppable and I could do anything' but it hasn't necessarily been the case.

"This isn't just another audition for me, it's potentially somebody opening a door. H aving a chair turn would equal the experience I had with Hairspray."


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