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Voice winner 'struggled with fame'

The winner of TV talent show The Voice has told how she found it difficult to deal with public recognition after her triumph - and has admitted she "hid away" after the win.

Leanne Mitchell - who is shortly to release her debut album after landing a major record deal as her prize - said she had not been seeking "fame" when she entered the show.

The 29-year-old, who won the BBC show last spring after being mentored by Sir Tom Jones, said: "When the show finished I was at my most recognisable. I found it really hard people coming up to me thinking they know you but they don't know you.

"I found it difficult to come to terms with being in the limelight, as it was something I never thought possible. I knew that it definitely wasn't fame I was after, so being recognised out and about took time to get used to. I hid away in the studio."

She revealed she found it "soothing" to work on her self-titled album, which is being released by Decca records on May 27.

Leanne - who had performed professionally at a holiday camp prior to the show - said it was the chance to win a record deal which had attracted her to the show, rather being in the spotlight.

"I liked this competition because the prize wasn't a cash prize, it was a record deal. Quite a few years ago a couple of friends pushed me to enter The X Factor.

"I got through to Boot Camp. I found the whole experience quite daunting. Luckily I was never on the telly.

"After The Voice I found the hardest thing was people recognising me. I never wanted to be famous, and would never enter something like a TV show for that reason. Obviously, not knowing what would happen, it's a little difficult now. But I can handle it, as long as the music always comes first."

Leanne will release the single If I Knew Then prior to the album's release.


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