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Voice's Sophie-May: I have stalker

The Voice contestant Sophie-May Williams has claimed she already has a stalker after just a few weeks in the spotlight.

The 17-year-old singer, who has been picked by for his final team in the BBC talent contest - told The Metro that since appearing on the show she has been bombarded with messages online from an obsessive fan.

Sophie-May revealed: "I've got a stalker on Twitter - he is funny. If I tweet anything he will reply and say 'Hi. Are you alright? Are you OK?' and he has asked to come and see me in concert. He wants to book tickets."

She added: "I've had a few marriage proposals - but I have definitely not accepted."

And fellow Team Will finalist Iesher Haughton has found being on the TV show has upped her social media following too - with old boyfriends getting back in touch.

The 19-year-old singer revealed: " I just kind of delete them. Yeah I am on TV now but you weren't thinking about that when you dumped me, were you?"

Meanwhile, Team Will's Jermain Jackman, 19, revealed he has already made a name for himself in the US after winning a singing competition in New York, and now he hopes the show will get him known in the UK.

He revealed: "I was in the New York papers! My friend and family in the States saw an article 'UK singer comes to New York and blows up the Apollo.' It was like Wow!'

"I was in this competition called Hackey versus Harlem. They brought singers from the Apollo Theatre in New York to the Hackney Empire.

"I sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow and I won the competition. I beat all the American lot and beat the UK lot and won. My prize was to go to New York and get a performing slot in the Apollo. And I got to do that and had a standing ovation."


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