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Voight worries about Angelina

Angelina Jolie's father, actor Jon Voight has admitted he worries about his daughter's safety when she travels to far away places.

"She's a very courageous person," the veteran actor said, speaking about Angelina's trip to meet Libyan refugees on the Tunisian border this week.

"Sometimes she goes to places that I prefer she'd stay away from because of the dangers, you know?" he added.

"She's a very generous person and a very compassionate person and I'm very proud of all of that... she's always where the refugees are, that's been her office and her work over the past years and she never flinches."

The 72-year-old star was guest of honour at the opening night of the 11th annual Beverly Hills Film Festival where on Sunday he is due to receive the Legend Award.

"It's very nice to get some attention for my work. Every once in a while I look at some of the stuff that I've done and I'm pleased with it, you know?" Jon said.

"I'm surprised a little bit that I've had so many adventures in film and most of it is very, very good. I'm very lucky."


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