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Vorderman steering clear of alcohol

Carol Vorderman has vowed to give up alcohol for a whole year - to lose weight.

The Loose Women co-host said that she had put on around a stone last year, partly thanks to the TV job.

Carol, 53, told radio station LBC 97.3: "I have decided that I am giving up alcohol for the whole year. I gave it up from December 29 as I thought I wanted to drink next New Year's Eve.

"I have not had a drop. I am not worried about it.

"In December there was a fair amount with all the parties.

"You start to get into that habit. Last year I probably put on a stone or so, not that I weighed myself."

Carol, who lives in Bristol and is in a relationship with ex Red Arrows pilot Graham Duff, 38, said how shooting Loose Women in London had helped pile on the pounds.

"I stay in a hotel and what are you going to do? You are not going to stay in your room and watch telly all night, so you go out. You ring a friend and go out and eat all the crisps and nibbles at the bar and that creeps on and on," she said.


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