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Wagner moves out of X Factor house

X Factor hopeful Wagner has moved out of the house he shared with other contestants.

The Brazilian-born wannabe, who has remained in the show despite his below-par vocal performances, is now staying in a budget hotel.

Wagner was asked to leave the north London house because of claims about his unpredictable behaviour, according to The Mirror.

The former martial arts expert, who is reportedly receiving benefits for a shoulder injury despite his energetic appearances on the ITV1 show, is now living in a Holiday Inn.

But an X Factor spokeswoman said the move was to allow Wagner to concentrate on his voice.

"Wagner has moved out of the contestant house to focus on his singing. He takes the competition very seriously," she said.

Contestants will this weekend perform songs by The Beatles in a themed Saturday night show. It comes just days after the band's songs moved into the digital world and became available for the first time through iTunes.

Last year's X Factor runner-up Olly Murs will be appearing as a guest on Sunday's results show.


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