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Walliams: Cowell cuts my BGT jokes

David Walliams has claimed Simon Cowell is trying to steal his role as the joker of the Britain's Got Talent panel.

The Little Britain funnyman accused Simon of planning to cut his jokes from the show to make himself look funnier.

David told The Sun: "He is making jokes the whole time and it's becoming very annoying. He's not funny - funny peculiar, maybe.

"If I make a joke, he has to make one better. If I get on stage, he has to get on stage.

"He got up so a child could throw knives at him, but unfortunately the child missed."

Fellow judges Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden agreed there seemed to have been a role reversal between David and Simon.

Alesha said: "David is serious and Simon thinks he's funny. Simon has turned into a bit of a comedian and David doesn't like it."

Amanda added: "Simon is being a bit funnier than David this year. I was thinking, 'Has he got a scriptwriter?' You can't normally top David."

But David warned he is planning to let rip in the live shows.

He revealed: "For the auditions Simon can just go and snip things out he doesn't want. But in the live shows he can't. That's when I get my revenge."

Meanwhile, Alesha has said she doesn't think the show could go on without Simon on the panel.

She told Digital Spy: "He's a valuable person to have on the Britain's Got Talent panel because people genuinely want to impress him, therefore he attracts a lot more talented people.

"They want to come and get a yes from Simon, that shouldn't be overlooked. It's a respect thing.

"If people get three yeses from us and they don't get a yes from Simon, it breaks their heart. I wouldn't see a future without Simon on the show, because I think he's a massive, massive part of it."


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