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Walliams eats breast milk ice cream

David Walliams proved he has the stomach for a challenge when he tucked into ice cream made from breast milk.

The comic helped himself to a couple of cones during filming for Channel 4's Big Fat Quiz of the Year and told the audience it was "absolutely delicious" and "very nutritious".

The actor, who in the Little Britain 'Bitty' sketch plays a fully-grown man who is still breast-feeding, said: "I've never had breast milk. I wasn't given breast milk as a child and I've always wanted to have it."

But naked chef Jamie Oliver turned his nose up at the free food, telling host Jimmy Carr: "Honestly, I will gag. I can't handle this. It's £14 a scoop. It's disgusting. I don't like the idea of it. I've had four kids. I'm a bit sensitive, I had a medical the other day. I will throw up."

Other panellists on the show, which is broadcast at 9pm on December 27, include Jonathan Ross, Eddie Izzard, David Mitchell and Miranda Hart.


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