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Walliams: I'm quizzed over Cowell

David Walliams has told how he is constantly asked whether his Britain's Got Talent boss Simon Cowell is gay.

The star tells this weekend's Jonathan Ross Show that it's the number one question from family, celebrity friends and fans, The Sun reports.

"I have never done anything where people are more interested. The main question I get is, 'Is Simon gay?' Even my mum was going, 'Yeah he is really nice - is he gay?'," he tells the show.

Teasing Simon, who was also on the ITV1 chat show, David added: "Well we know the answer to that. With the gay thing, the jury is still out."

The comic also tweeted a picture of himself with Simon sitting in the green room, adding the caption: "Me and my boyfriend."

Simon insisted he would not be returning to the UK X Factor because of his commitments to the US show.

He said: "It's impossible. I would like to but at the moment they run at exactly the same time. But I do miss not doing it."


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