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Walliams: New character more real

David Walliams has revealed he is looking forward to showing the public something more "subtle" with his new sitcom Big School.

The Little Britain star plays a geeky chemistry teacher in the BBC One series, which is about a group of teachers struggling to educate a bunch of unenthusiastic teens in a run-of-the-mill comprehensive, and thinks it shows a slightly different side of him.

He said: "This character has got to be a lot more real because you're going to spend a lot more time with him.

"I hope that people find it funny but enjoy that it's a slightly subtler thing from me."

Big School also stars Philip Glenister, Steve Speirs, Frances de la Tour, Joanna Scanlan and Daniel Rigby, while Catherine Tate plays a French teacher who David's character Mr Church falls for.

"I wanted to do something a bit like The Remains Of The Day - the story of these two servants who were in love with each other but can't quite express it," said David, who co-wrote the series.

The setting also lends itself to a big ensemble piece.

The actor - a new dad after wife Lara Stone gave birth to their son in May - said: "I wanted lots of parts for everybody, so it's ideal, because in any school there are loads and loads of teachers."

Britain's Got Talent judge David revealed making the new series had him reflecting on his own school days - where he was such a chatterbox that a teacher once resorted to paying him to keep quiet during lessons.

"I got 50p if I didn't speak for an hour and a half. Sometimes I forgot and started speaking and had to give the money back. It was the teacher's only solution, he found me so irritating," he said.

:: Big School starts on BBC One on Friday, August 16.


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