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Walliams overcomes BGT buzzer fear

David Walliams has overcome his reluctance to buzz contestants on Britain's Got Talent - and is now happy to put them out of their misery.

The new judge said he had been concerned about making them feel like rejects after his own years of auditioning.

But Walliams admits he now thinks it is a good move to save the hopeless wannabes any further embarrassment.

He told Radio 2 breakfast show host Chris Evans: "I thought the hardest thing would be pressing the buzzer because, you know, I'm an actor. I've been in an audition and I know what it's like to get rejected.

"It's tough, but actually sometimes people are rubbish and you want them to stop what they're doing. And also sometimes you want to save their embarrassment because the audience are shouting 'off'.

"So you want to press the buzzer too, so they don't humiliate themselves any more."

Walliams added that he was warned by BGT producers to steer clear of making jokes about show boss Simon Cowell. But Walliams immediately poked fun at the media mogul, who took his gags in good humour.

"Simon's laughing, the audience are laughing and it's all good. I didn't need to worry because he's got a great sense of humour and he's like the king and I'm the court jester," Walliams added.

Walliams was on the show to promote his role as a judge for the breakfast show's children's writing contest 500 Words.


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