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Walliams' worries over BGT jokes

David Walliams has revealed his fears that his jokes about Simon Cowell could cost him his job on Britain's Got Talent.

The funnyman admitted the TV mogul may get fed up of his constant jibes and cheeky references on the ITV talent show, reported the Daily Mirror.

"I am sure one day I will pick up the paper and find out I have been sacked... but that day hasn't happened just yet," he said.

David, who joined the show in 2012 with Alesha Dixon alongside returning judges Simon and Amanda Holden, said he is prepared for Britain's Got Talent to continue without him and their "bromance".

"If you leave a show like that you want it to be your choice. But at at the end of the day the programme is bigger than anyone on it," he said.

"I love doing the show but obviously it's not my whole life. Who knows what the future might hold? It depends on how much I upset Simon in the live shows. There is no editing. If I am too naughty, maybe."

The 42-year-old revealed that the competition to get laughs between the duo got slightly heated at times.

"While we were doing the auditions, he was being very cocky because he got a woman pregnant and was quite insufferable. He had also been watching the series back and he thought, 'David does lots of jokes on the show - I am going to do jokes too'," he recalled.

"So he was really, really competitive. He is a billionaire music mogul but that's not enough for him. He needs to compete with me in the comedy stakes too. It was stressful at times."


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