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Walsh too late for a big family

Kimberley Walsh has said she thinks she has left it too late to have a big family.

The Girls Aloud singer, who is pregnant with her first child, told Mail Online: "I would like a big family but I am realistic and I'm aware at 32 I have left it a little late. So I'm realistic about how many I can have, but I would like to have more than one.

"I think women today do struggle with the having it all element. For me there was nothing stopping me but I wanted to have it all and take the opportunities that I had with my career and create a really secure family unit, a home...

"It's a tricky one because we want to be indulgent in all these massive opportunities which come your way and soak it all up and I think the years fly by and then you are suddenly in your thirties."

She continued that she had had the chance to achieve so much in her career that she was fine about being "selfless for the first time ever" by having a baby and added: " That world - which is a world away from where I came from - will hopefully be passed on to my kids, and that's the benefit of it. I'm lucky to feel like that by my age."

Kimberley also spoke to OK! about her first baby scan: "I could see every little detail of its hands - although I didn't look down; I don't want to know the sex."

She said she had no plans to marry partner of more than 10 years Justin Scott yet: "I wouldn't feel any pressure to get married just because of the baby. We'll do it when it's right for Justin and me. But maybe he'll [propose] at the most random point when I really won't expect it."

Kimberley recently broke her wrist after falling over, but tweeted to let fans know that her baby was fine.

She said of her accident: "I slipped on a mat by the back door... You don't protect yourself so well but you protect the baby, so you end up doing silly things."


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