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Walsh wants birth caught on camera

Kimberley Walsh has revealed she would like a home video of her giving birth, shot by her partner Justin Scott.

The couple are expecting their first baby together in around a month's time, and the former Girls Aloud singer has said she would like to be able to rewatch the birth afterwards.

She wrote in her OK! magazine column: "With only about a month to go until I'm due, I've been thinking about whether I want the birth filmed or not, and I've decided I'd quite like Justin to film it.

"It's such a special thing and I think I'd like to be able to see it myself."

But Kimberley said she realised that getting the best camera angle might not be Justin's top priority on the day.

She added: "But I don't know if, in that moment, Justin will have the composure to do it - and I wouldn't want to take away from his experience of watching it.

"Let's face it, he might not be thinking, 'Camera moment'. But if it's all going smoothly, I can't see why not."


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