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Waring defends Marsh from troll

Stephanie Waring has defended Kym Marsh after a troll attacked her on Twitter.

But the Hollyoaks actress denied reports that she had forgiven the Coronation Street star, who is now dating her ex Dan Hooper.

According to the Daily Mirror, Stephanie stepped in when a troll attacked Kym, tweeting: "What about poor @Steph_Waring Kim [sic] stole her boyfriend she is a slag an unfit mother."

Stephanie tweeted to her 95,000 followers: "Kym didn't steal Dan we had split... I think everyone should move on now."

But she has since removed the message and written: "Don't believe everything you read... So untrue... It would take a lot to forgive.. Just getting on with things best I can!"

The soap actresses are said to have been locked in a bitter feud ever since pictures appeared on Twitter of Kym and Dan together in April 2014.

Stephanie told The Sun: "She's carried on with him knowing what it's done to me. It is killing me.

"I considered her a friend who I've known for years. I had no idea that she would ever do anything like this... There is an unwritten rule that if you are friends with somebody you don't go near their ex partners."


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