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Warrant for arrest of Father Ted actor Gerard McSorley

Gerard McSorley
Gerard McSorley

By Stephen Maguire

An arrest warrant has been issued for well-known actor Gerard McSorley after he failed to turn up in court to face a series of charges.

The Father Ted actor was due to appear at Letterkenny District Court in Co Donegal after being arrested on November 26 for a breach of the peace.

The 69-year-old, from Omagh, is also charged with damaging property while in the cell at Letterkenny garda station.

The charge sheet reads: "(You) did without lawful excuse damage property, to with, cell door by constantly spitting on it during your stay in Garda custody and covering same in saliva resulting in the cell having to be cleaned belonging to Chief Superintendent of Letterkenny Garda station."

Mr McSorley, with an address at Trinity Court, Newtowncunningham, Co Donegal, did not appear in court to answer the charges. He also did not have any legal representation when the case was called before Judge Paul Kelly.

Judge Kelly issued a bench warrant for Mr McSorley's arrest.

Mr McSorley, who has appeared in several films and TV plays, was famously Father Todd Unctious in the Father Ted series.

The actor has also appeared in many well-known films including Braveheart, Veronica Guerin and Angela's Ashes.

He has previous convictions for a number of public order offences.

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