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Watch: Arlene Foster and Theresa May get the Love Island treatment

Arlene Foster and Theresa May's new political relationship has been given the Love Island treatment.

BBC Three posted a short clip on to its Facebook page on Monday showing excerpts from the popular reality show, with the DUP and Conservative leader's heads superimposed into the action.

'Theresa' can be seen at the beginning of the video commenting: "If I could describe myself in three words, it would be 'strong, stable leadership', before her relationship with 'Arlene' plays out on screen.

BBC Three captioned the video "The DUP are Theresa May's type on paper" in reference to the over-used phrase from the ITV2 series.

The DUP recently signed a controversial deal with the Tories worth £1.5bn for Northern Ireland in exchange for their support in Parliament.

Following the last general election, the Tories fell short of a majority and turned to the DUP to make up the required numbers.

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