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Watch freerunner Jason Paul scale Belfast's monuments in epic video

Freerunner scales Nuala with the Hula in lightning speed

By Claire Williamson

It's not every day you see someone freely scaling one of Belfast's best known sculptures.

Freerunner Jason Paul who travels the world making videos of his adventures which include daring jumps, flips and climbs - stopped off in Belfast recently.

In his impressive video he makes his way across the city with a couple of jumps from roof to roof at Titanic Belfast, before setting his sights on Nuala with a Hula (the Beacon of Hope).

He sizes it up, and with his cameraman on standby - he proceeds to scale it.

In lightning speed he makes it to the top.

Signing off he says: "A lot happened today. These videos have been super fun to make and there will be more and more coming."

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