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Watch: Gust of wind gets the better of TV3 weatherman Deric Hartigan

TV3 weatherman Deric Hartigan had a bit of a blustery start to his Friday when a gust of wind got the better of him.

The presenter attempted to give his weather report during an outside broadcast, hoping he would be protected from the elements by a giant yellow Ireland AM umbrella.

Unfortunately a gust of wind blew him off camera as he was mid-sentence, and his umbrella inside out.

The camera cut back to show anchors Sinead Desmond and Mark Cagney, who were seen to be in fits of giggles at their co-workers plight.

"Don't mess with mother nature," warned Mark, while Sinead assured viewers, "He's recovering, he's ok."

Deric was then seen trying to control his laughter while attempting to fix his trusty umbrella - and we'd say he's thankful it's the weekend.

Video courtesy of TV3/Ireland AM

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