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Watch: Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling get the giggles during This Morning interview

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling were reduced to hysterical laughter during a recent interview with This Morning's Alison Hammond.

The Hollywood pair are in the UK promoting their new film Blade Runner 2049 and had a chat with Hammond during a press junket at a London hotel.

While giving never-ending interviews can be long and boring way to spend your day if you're a star, the pair seemed to find Hammond's interview skills hilarious and thoroughly enjoyed her chat.

Before the interview begins, the former Big Brother star tells them she's never seen the original film, with an amused Gosling responding: "I appreciate your candour."

With cameras rolling, she tells them: "Bleak, dystopian, an absolute nightmare to be honest - and that's just my interviewing technique."

Gosling then decides to pour himself a whiskey, prompting Hammond do to the same.

The interview just gets better and better with Hammond joking with Ford that money must have been the main reason he returned to the role.

"I said, 'Show me the money!' I said, 'Show me the script', " he joked before taking a swig of Gosling's whiskey.

With Ford and Hammond lost in laughter at one point, Gosling gets up to 'help the camera guys out' seeing as the other two don't seem to need him there.

Hammond ends the interview by taking another swig of whiskey, before telling the pair: "You know, I don't drink..."

Watch the hilarious video below:

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