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Watch: Line Of Duty teaser shows fans will be on the edge of their seats once again

Scenes from the trailer for the 2019 series of Line Of Duty
Scenes from the trailer for the 2019 series of Line Of Duty
Scenes from the trailer for the 2019 series of Line Of Duty
Scenes from the trailer for the 2019 series of Line Of Duty
Scenes from the trailer for the 2019 series of Line Of Duty
Actor Martin Compston during filming at the Obel building in Belfast

By Gillian Halliday

A trailer for the highly anticipated new series of Line Of Duty has been released - much to the delight of the show's fans.

The short teaser, released online on Boxing Day, shows there is no let-up in the tension in the fifth series of the gripping police drama that is filmed in Northern Ireland.

It reunites Superintendent Ted Hastings, played by Adrian Dunbar, and Detectives Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) and Steve Arnott (Martin Compston), who form part of the police anti-corruption unit AC-12.

In a snippet of a scene that is sure to whet fans' appetites ahead of broadcast sometime in 2019, a tense discussion unfolds in Hastings' office between Arnott and Fleming with their superior.

Kicking off the conversation is Arnott, who reveals to Hastings that a robbery has been planned involving a corrupt senior police officer.

With no further details of the identity of the bent copper, Fleming warns Hastings that regardless of the lack of information, the stakes are high for AC-12.

"Sir, this is a chance to crack the highest level link between corrupt officers and organised crime. Possibly even the top man," she says.

A serious Hastings then tells the pair: "You're my best team. If this is how you wanna call it, I will back you to the hilt."

But it's the worried look that flashes across Hastings' face once his two most trusted officers leave the room which is sure to send fans into overdrive.

Viewers will remember that the last series ended on a major cliffhanger over the identity of the police officer still operating at the heart of the force, at the behest of a mysterious network of criminals.

This individual is known only as 'H', and the final episode of series four raised suspicions that it could be the character played by Dunbar.

Hastings was seen looking uneasy just before the credits rolled - is he a man harbouring a dark, troubling secret?

The trailer has amped up speculation that the forthcoming series could see Hastings unmasked as the villain in question.

However, Line Of Duty creator and writer Jed Mercurio, who enjoyed critical and ratings success in 2018 with BBC1 political nailbiter Bodyguard, is known for pulling the proverbial rug out from under viewers' feet.

His carefully woven plots are often full of twists and the sudden demise of lead characters, frequently in brutal circumstances.

Details about series five have been scant, but it has been confirmed that Stephen Graham, best known for his roles in Boardwalk Empire and This Is England, will appear as the sinister sounding Balaclava Man.

In August the Belfast Telegraph was granted exclusive access to the set as the dramatic climax scenes for series five were shot outside the Obel building in Belfast.

Our images showed that Arnott appears to find himself in the firing line once again in a tense armed stand-off with an unknown individual.

Filming continued until just before Christmas, with Compston revealing that shooting had wrapped last Friday.

"Thanks as ever to our wonderful crew, it's been a tough shoot but loved it," he tweeted.

"Usual incredible scripts from Mercurio, fingers crossed we've made something special."

If past form is any indication, fans have nothing to worry about.

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