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Watch: Love Island of Ireland - Arlene Foster joins the hotties in Tracey Ullman sketch

Tracey Ullman poses as Arlene Foster in 'Love Northern Ireland' (BBC ONE/Twitter)
Tracey Ullman poses as Arlene Foster in 'Love Northern Ireland' (BBC ONE/Twitter)

Comedian Tracey Ullman has taken aim at Arlene Foster in a sketch for her BBC One show Tracey Breaks The News.

In the short clip, Ullman poses as the DUP leader as she takes part in 'Love Ireland' - quickly changed to 'Love Northern Ireland' - on the Co Antrim coast.

Arriving by the pool in her usual skirt and blazer, Arlene gets to know her fellow bikini-clad islanders.

"So tell us a bit about you Arlene?" one asks her.

"Regarding the Customs Union issue, maintenance of the same rules and regulations as the rest of the UK are a red line for me and Downing Street are aware of that," she replies in a loud over-the-top NI brogue.

"Safe, I run a gym in Southend."

Soon getting to grips with life on the 'island' Arlene is then seen discussing love with another islander.

"I've been coupled up with the British Prime Minister Theresa May," she says. "I'm glad I've got Theresa, I like someone who does exactly what they're told. But I think I'm going to mug her off."

"You're really getting that hang of this show now," she's told.

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