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Watch: Michael Fassbender recalls reaction to band playing 40th birthday - 'Is this a stripper?'

By Aoife Kelly

Irish actor Michael Fassbender revealed his hilarious reaction to seeing the band who was booked to play his 40th birthday to US TV host Jimmy Fallon.

The Co Kerry star's sister organised a 'surprise' bash for him, even though he knew about it as she had to ensure he would show up.

Fassbender - whose mother hails from Larne -  told the TV host his sister called him down to see something prior to the birthday kicking off and he revealed his reaction to seeing the lead singer of popular Irish 80s themed band Spring Break.

"[I came down stairs] and there was this guy dressed up in mirrored sunglasses and like an admiral suit, i was thinking woah, this got weird.  What the hell?  Is this a stripper?"

Despite his initial reaction he said they were "excellent".

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