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Watch: Moment Donegal jiu jitsu coach makes surprise proposal after class

A Donegal jiu jitsu coach has surprised his girlfriend by popping the question following one of his classes.

Bryan Gorman had just completed a session at DT Fitness Gym in Donegal and was handing out the after-class awards when he decided to call forward his girlfriend and student Emer Martin.

The romantic video shows Emer looking on with confusion as she wasn't due to ascend through the ranking system of the martial art, having already been awarded four stripes.

Bryan is seen insisting she steps forward, before announcing she would be getting a "special promotion" as he removes a small box from his pocket.

Getting down on one knee, Bryan asks Emer to marry him on front of a full class of unsuspecting students.

Always a risky business, but thankfully she said yes.

Bryan posted the video on to the DT Fitness Facebook page, captioning the post: "The big question was asked!!! And the answer was yes!"

Video courtesy of DT Fitness.

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