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Watch moment Fox TV weatherman realises he has left a coat hanger in his jacket live on air

By jack Simpson

A television weatherman had a wardrobe malfunction, quite literally, last week when he discovered live on air that what he thought was just a “kink in his neck” was actually a coat hanger he had forgotten to remove.

Steve Frazier weatherman on news channel Fox 9 Minnesota was doing his daily weather update to camera when he started fidgeting and trying to grab at something at the back of his neck.

As he continues to look uncomfortable, his fellow presenters ask him, “has the chill given you a chink in the neck?” Then, to the surprise of his colleagues and viewers, Frazier pulls out a coat hanger from the back of his jacket.

The two news anchors can barely contain themselves as they sink into their chairs in fits of laughter.

However, like a true professional Frazier carries on with his weather report saying he “thought it was just a tight button” and proceeds to tell viewers about the clouds “coming down from the south.”

I bet they were “hanging” on his every word.

Source: Independent

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