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Watch: Robbie Williams recruits Christine Lampard to pull prank on wife Ayda

Pictured: Robbie Williams feeds questions to NI presenter Christine Lampard.
Pictured: Robbie Williams feeds questions to NI presenter Christine Lampard.

Robbie Williams recruited Christine Lampard to help him pull a prank on wife Ayda Field during Tuesday's Loose Women.

Ayda was talking part in the ITV lunchtime show alongside Christine, unaware that Robbie was in the producer's gallery feeding questions to the Northern Ireland presenter.

In a discussion on whether or not being boring is good for a relationship, the Angels singer spoke to Christine via an ear piece, prompting her to ask probing questions about their marriage.

"What about breaking wind in front of each other?" Christine asks Ayda at one point. "Does that make you feel comfortable?"

"He does that a lot - and I feel like he's a little too comfortable on that front," the actress replied.

The couple recently appeared on an episode of The Graham Norton Show when Ayda positioned herself in the famous Big Red Chair in an attempt to get her own back on her husband by telling an embarrassing story - something he has done regularly in the past.

However the singer was too quick and flipped the chair before she could utter a word.

During Tuesday's chat, Robbie got Christine to tell Ayda: "When your husband embarrasses you, you should forgive him straight away."

"I do usually forgive him straight away," Ayda replied. "You saw what happened with the red chair. He was forgiven, it took a few moments but he was forgiven."

"It took an hour!" Robbie declared. "Two hours! It actually took a trip to a department store."

Soon Ayda was made aware that Christine was working as an agent for her husband as the camera cut to the TV gallery.

"I was wondering why you were asking me so many questions!" she told Christine.

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