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Watch: Snow Patrol star Johnny McDaid and Courteney Cox sing praises of school choir with surprise video

By Donna Deeney

Celebrity couple Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid surprised the choir of a Northern Ireland school with a video message congratulating them on their Christmas show.

The students from Ardnashee Special School in Londonderry were performing at Foyleside Shopping Centre as part of its festivities, unaware that among the crowds of shoppers who had stopped to listen was McDaid's mother Pauline.

She was so impressed with the choir - including a rendition of the Pink hit What About Us, which was penned by her son - that she sent a video to Los Angeles, where the couple recorded their own message to the students.

In it both said how much they enjoyed the performance of What About Us, singled out Noel Mulgrew for his solo performance, and wished everyone at the school a very happy Christmas.

Teacher Brid Cutliffe, conductor of the choir, said the expression on the faces of the children when they saw the video message was something to remember.

She added: "We had our juniors' Christmas show on Wednesday in the school and all the parents were there and that was when we played the video.

"It literally arrived with me a few minutes earlier and I just ran and played it through the big screen.

"The look on their faces was just priceless. Noel in particular was over the Moon at getting a special message. It has given him so much confidence, he might even be thinking about making his own CD now."

Ms Cutliffe praised the couple's kind gesture.

"It was such a lovely thing for Johnny and Courteney to do, and lovely too for Johnny's mother to send the video to them in the first place," she added.

"I know Pauline and I saw her videoing at Foyleside when we were performing, but lots of other people were too and I didn't think for a second this would have been the outcome.

"It is just magic... Christmas magic, even."

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