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Watch: 'You know nothing Jon Snow' - Kit Harington helps Geri Horner deliver famous Game of Thrones line

Geri Horner has given her best effort in delivering what is arguably the most iconic line from Game of Thrones - with the help of Jon Snow himself, Kit Harington.

The former Spice Girls star posted a video on to her Twitter account showing her attempting to recite the line: "You know nothing Jon Snow."

While trying to emulate the northern English accent much like the character of Ygritte, who uttered the famous quote, Geri is coached by Kit in mastering the twang.


Kit delivers the line perfectly, but Geri has trouble maintaining the accent - much to the Game of Thrones star's amusement.

"That's it, you've got the part," he tells her, only to add: "Oh no, you lost it again," when she gives it another go.

Kit is currently dating actress Rose Leslie who portrayed Ygritte on the HBO show.

He bumped into Geri on Sunday at the Italian Monza Grand Prix - her husband is Red Bull F1 boss Christian Horner.

Christian Horner and Geri Horner (Ian West/PA)

Despite the singer's lack of skills when it comes to mastering the line, fans were delighted with the video, with one commenting: "This has made my week!" while another said: "All in favour of a Spice Girl cameo on GOT S8 say I!"

Kit was enjoying the F1 action along with his Game of Thrones co-star, Irish actor Liam Cunningham who plays Davos Seaworth on the show.

The pair were treated to the full Formula One experience, complete with jumpsuits and a spin in one of the impressive cars.

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