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Watson: West drama is 'tasteful'

Emily Watson has defended ITV's forthcoming drama about serial killer Fred West, insisting that it is "tasteful".

The actress stars as inexperienced social worker Janet Leach in Appropriate Adult, with Dominic West playing the cold-hearted murderer.

"It's quite a tasteful (show), it's obviously very disturbing dark material but it's not nasty," she said.

While relatives of West's victims are reportedly concerned about the story, Emily - who's latest big screen role is in Jim Loach's drama Oranges And Sunshine - advises viewers to make their own judgment.

"I'd say really, wait until you see it before you make a judgment," she continued.

"I think it's a very interesting take on the whole story, it's not about the murders. It's about the interviews and the investigation, and about this woman who found herself thrust into the centre of it, without any protection or training."


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